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Fiddlers Cricket Club Tours


Sunday trip to Bitchet Green, Sevenoaks
(19th May, 1963)

The Fiddlers went on a Sunday trip to St. Lawrence, Bitchet, in May 1963 and during our investigation we found that the following rules applied when the Fiddlers were on tour, which may or may not be a far cry from today:

1. Fiddlers ties must be worn
2. A clean turnout of clothes and boots
3. Out on to the field in one piece as a team, not in dribs and drabs.
4. No idle chatting when on the field, batting or otherwise
5. No smoking
6. No querying the umpire's decisions
7. Even if we get a hiding, do not throw up the sponge.

The above points will help to make us look like a cricket team even if we are defeated

The coach left the George Pub at Farnham Road at 9.30, and returned after midnight. Fares were 10/6d. per head, lunch was 6/- in the local pub and tea was 1/9d.