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Lynn Jessup

Retired Members still supporting from the Pavillion

Supporting for years and years!

Dave Moules


Peter Langford


Steve Haynes

Wicket Keeper/Opening Batsman

Elroy Hull


Malcolm Large

John Stone

The famous Fiddler's Jug was lost during John Stone's first ever game in 1963, (during which he dropped three catches, one of which sailed over his head and hit the sight screen, demonstrating that he was eminently suitable for the Fiddlers). It being his first game, John was responsible for passing the jug around, but wasn't aware of this fact. Indeed, he thought someone else was looking after it, and the following week Cyril Short said "Young Man, where's the jug?". John's slow medium bowling took many wickets over the years. He is a great story-teller and can recount most games that he played in! Ex-president, but still supports the club. John was also involved in the famous 'last wicket stand' at Great Missenden (see memorable matches)

Clive Essex

First season 1955. Clive was the Fiddlers quick fast opening bowler for many years and terrified many opposition teams. Clive also had the longest follow-through and was renowned once for catching a batsman playing a downward forward defensive stroke from by his feet.

Elaine Kirby (nee Hillyer)

Elaine Kirby, wife of Gerry Kirby, has been a lifelong supporter of the Fiddlers and was the scorer for many decades!
Extract from 1955 Minutes:
"This report would not be complete without mention of our scorer, Elaine Hillyer. Apart from producing a score book that could easily be a model for first class cricket, she intrigued our opponents, inflamed our passions, drank or ate more cocktail cherries than one thought humanly possible, and finally found herself named after a famous work of art"

Dave North

Semi-retired, concentrating more on golf

Jonathan Hamilton

First game 20.06.1962 aged 12 Last man in and out first ball - caught.